Zeoniq POS

Self-Order System

Zeoniq Go

Retail Management System (RMS)

Key features of Zeoniq POS

Portability across multiple platforms

Integrated real-time loyalty program

Customers under your loyalty program can automatically redeem ongoing promotions when they make a purchase.

Supports both e-wallet payment methods and credit card terminal

All-in-one electronic payment system that accommodates your customer’s favorite cashless payment options.

Internet down? Stay uninterrupted.

When there is no Internet connection detected, your data automatically synchronizes to the cloud storage.

Put us in your shoes

Self-Order System

Self-Order System (SOS)

Key features of Zeoniq SOS

Simple and user-friendly interface

Comprehensive promotion management system

Keep your customers in the know by displaying your latest distribution of coupons, discounts and referrals.

Cross-selling and upselling feature

Boost your revenue by making relevant recommendations
that keep your customers wanting more.

Integrated seamless real-time loyalty program

No more physical stamps cards-we provide
a built-in reward system that is
accessible by your customer's details.


Zeoniq Go

Zeoniq Go

Key features of Zeoniq Go

View store status on a real-time dashboard

Get instant alerts on orders from online channels

Don't let a single in-store or online order slip through your fingers.


Retail Management System (RMS)

Retail Management System (RMS)

  • Runs on cloud software
Cloud technology keeps your data safe and contributes to lower expenditure. Highly flexible, you can customize it to meet your demands from time to time.
  • Centralized control over your data
With an embedded central data management system, you can quickly and easily get all the information you need from a single location.
  • Accessible via any device anytime, anywhere
You need not be physically present to run your business. Do it at your pleasure, from any device, anytime you like.
  • Remain protected at all costs
Keep yourself worry-free with a comprehensive security framework that is multi-layered to guard any form of information and communication.

Key of Features Retail Management System

All inclusive features to manage many stores at once

Possess absolute control over your retail chain environment at your fingertips
Practical functions to better organize your inventory

Check your stock availability using an automated system that classifies all your materials with the most accurate
and detailed information

Automated data analysis to improve business

Obtain integrated sales data in all your stores from real-time reports to boost your sales.

Easy integration of ERP and accounting solutions

Run your business effieciently without having to worry about the financial aspects of your operations.


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