Relationship Marketing Made Easy

The all-round CRM, Loyalty & Campaign Management platform for all retail businesses

Increase Retail Sales with SaaS CRM

Fides Suite is the all-in-one Loyalty-as-a-Service solution designed to make CRM & marketing cost efficient and easier to use for retailers:
Manage your Member data to gain a better understanding of your customers.
Create loyalty rules & tiers to build strong customer loyalty and incentivize repeat purchasing.
Send and automate targeted Campaigns to drive sales.
Watch your sales grow with advanced store & transaction reports


Member 360° Single-View

Gain a complete individual & holistic view of your Members.


Loyalty Points & Tier Rule Setting

Nurture your Member relationship
with an engaging loyalty program.

Coupon & Gift Engine

Create dynamic coupon & gift rewards.

Targeted Campaigns

Send highly targeted one-shot reward campaigns to drive sales.

Campaign Automation

Create automated responses to your customers lifecycle & loyalty journey.

SaaS Reporting Metrics

Track your retail sales & campaign performance.


Understand your customers

The omni-channel CRM collects data from every touchpoint of your customer’s journey. This feeds a complete 360 degree view of your customer enabling you to make informed marketing decisions. Gain insights of an individual Member or get the larger picture from the Member dashboard. Run reports or share the dashboards directly with your manager via email.

Build a robust loyalty program

Enhance your customer relationships by constructing a versatile loyalty program. Implement point rules and membership tiers to reward frequent shoppers and incentivize new buyers to repeat purchase. Create a variety of coupon & gift rewards and manage a redemption catalogue to nurture brand loyalty.

Personalize your customer experience

Fueled with rich customer insights that guide how you talk to your Members, create targeted and personalized campaigns across any channel, including email, mobile, in-store and social to drive retail sales. Automate communication and reward campaigns to Members based on triggers and particular events & milestones in their customer lifecycle.

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Collect insights, engage customers
This true omni-channel solution not only collects and integrates data from all your customer’s touchpoints, it can engage with Members across multiple platforms too. Whether it is your membership registration forms, brick & mortar stores, sales or social channels, Fides Cloud works to build a seamless customer experience.

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Save time, deliver excellence
Send dynamic reward campaigns at different points of a customer’s lifecycle to boost loyalty, engagement and repeat purchase. 
Nurture customer loyalty, by automating responses to one-off ‘events’ such as birthdays, membership registrations and expiring coupons.

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Grow your business with Fides Suite
Gain insights from data scattered across your retail channels and take action by creating and sending campaigns and loyalty rewards across multiple communication channels
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
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