AutoCount Accounting 2.0 - Basic Edition
AutoCount Accounting 2.0 - Basic Edition
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
A Primary Distributor of ZEONIQ and Autocount

Marvelsoft is a primary distributor of the Zeoniq POS System, a powerful and versatile cloud-based SaaS solutions provider. The primary advantages conferred by the system include:

Massive workload/data handling capacity:
Eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming future system migrations as businesses grow and data-processing demands increase.

Seamless Communication between POS-Accounting Systems:
Integrated POS-Accounting systems streamline processes at all levels, reducing redundancies that accounting staff may incur.  

Increased Profitably:
Automated inventory management improves the efficiency of inventory management to reduce wastage.

In-Built Customer Relationship Manager:
Tracks, collects, and collates customer data automatically and systematically, enabling accurate, data-based marketing activities to be carried out.

Combined Online-Offline CRM:
A combined online and offline customer database increases real-time relevance of collected data.    

Decrease Errors:
Reduced dependency on personnel leads to an overall reduction in errors.

The Zeoniq POS System is capable of supporting a wide range of business activities including

  • Single Stores
  • Branch Outlets
  • Franchise Outlets
  • Central Kitchens
  • Dine-in Restaurants
  • Food Cost Management
  • QR-based Ordering Systems
  • Membership Apps
  • Vending Machines
  • Kitchen Displays  

Our technical support teams are available during working hours, seven (7) days a week across all our operational areas. Our technical support teams can respond quickly to requests from both our Malaysian and overseas clients.

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Restaurant POS System with Touchscreen
Restaurant POS System with Touchscreen
Retail POS System with Touchscreen
Retail POS System with Touchscreen
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